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What is the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC)?

The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization. The Council has a Pacific hemisphere focus, but is global in nature, embracing members from all countries that play a role in the development of Pacific Telecommunications. Its 3000+ member representatives from industry, academic, and government sectors are dedicated to promoting the understanding and beneficial use of telecommunication throughout the entire Pacific Hemisphere - North, Central, and South America; East, South and Southeast Asia; Australia; New Zealand; Melanesia; Micronesia; and Polynesia.

Becoming a member of the PTC

Membership is open worldwide to anyone or any entity interested in the
Pacific hemisphere and involved with telecommunications, broadcasting,
informatics, or digital media and associated fields, within the following

For-Profit Entities are organizations of an essentially commercial nature.

Non-Profit Entities are defined officially as such within their country of origin. Examples include government ministries and departments, educational institutions, foundations, international organizations, associations and charities. Public or parastatal corporations such as PTTs are not considered non-profit entities.

An entity must have a major interest in the Pacific hemisphere or be able to show a relationship to and interest in the development of telecommunications in the area.

Individual: This category is narrow in scope and applies to a very limited number of applications. Members include professional researchers, academics and retired telecoms professionals who have made a notable contribution to the telecoms field. If your organization is already a PTC member, you may become an individual member in addition to your entity´s membership.

An individual member may represent neither an entity nor his or her own firm. Individual membership is open neither to a person who is an officer or owner of a profit-making operation which is not an entity member of the Council, nor to a person who is in a policy-making position with the capability to influence an organization to become a member of PTC.

Affiliate: Membership is available to organizations which are unable, because of by-laws or other restrictions, to become full PTC members. Such entities may become affiliate members of the PTC, if eligible. Affiliate members may neither vote in PTC elections nor hold office, but they may enjoy all other benefits of membership.

Proof must be presented that the applicant or the applicant´s organization is not legally qualified to apply for membership in one of the other categories.

Student membership is open to bona fide full-time students at reduced rates.


The membership year begins each Feb. 1.
New members joining between Amount due
1 Feb - 1 Oct. 1 full year´s dues
1 Nov. - Wed. prior to conference (mid - January) 1 full year´s dues plus Nov. Dec. & Jan. (one, two or three months)

Your first invoice will be for a full year´s dues; your second invoice will be
a prorated amount, to cover the period from your anniversary date to
31 January of the next year. Membership applications received from the
Wednesday before conference may not be processed until the conclusion
of the event.

Annual membership is renewed automatically and dues invoices are mailed
in November. Resignation or removal shall not affect the obligation of the
member to pay the annual dues for the expired portion of the fiscal year in
which the resignation or removal occurs.